Top 8 Free Stock Photo Websites For Dentist Images

As a dentist, photography might not be your forte, so stock photo platforms can offer you excellent images to use on your website. Although, on many of these platforms, you have to pay for a license to use those baby pictures, wolf pictures or unicorn pictures, there are still plenty of platforms that provide royalty-free stock photos. Better still, these photos are high quality, and not out of focus or grainy. The one thing you will have to do though, is read their licensing terms.

While they might be royalty free, certain images have conditions that need attribution. Furthermore, for commercial purposes, it is best to double check with all the free photo platforms that you are still able to freely use the images. Provided you are happy to take these precautions, the world of free stock images is at your feet. We have put together the top 8 free stock photo websites for dentists, to give you a helping hand:

1. Picspree

Picspree offers a wide variety of stock images, with outstanding quality, completely free of royalties. Thanks to its smooth downloading and user friendly search facility, Picspree is a great platform for dentists searching for top quality images, without the hassle of licensing. Photos can be used for any projects, including commercial ones, and shared on social networks at your discretion. Picspree has its’ own group of contributors, who publish and share their photos that anyone can use. No attribution or credit is needed, although they do appreciate it if you include a link to the photographer and/or Picspree.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash gives you ten new, high resolution, royalty free photos every ten days. All images published can be used freely, in accordance with a CC0 (Creative Commons) License. Their platform even includes projects produced with the free photos they offer. If you want to see more, you can sign up to their email list to get notifications when new images are published.

3. StockSnap

This website boasts a sizeable collection of high resolution photos and attractive free stock images. In addition, it has a convenient search facility, making it simple to look through the countless photos on offer. Furthermore, the website monitors downloads and views, so you can locate the images that people like the most. Each day, StockSnap posts hundreds of new photos, which are all provided under CC0 public domain, with no attribution needed.

4. Pixabay

Pixabay has an extremely big selection of top quality photos. Compared to Unsplash, it is more geared towards advertising and business, which should be useful for dentists wanting to promote their services. Another major benefit of this website is that it also provides free drawings and vectors.

5. Burst

This website is part of Shopify, and consists of a free library of stock images. There are countless amazing stock photos here, perfect for dentist’s websites, blogs, and social media posts. Discover what you are searching for easily, with Burst’s simple to use photo collections and image categories.

6. Pexels

This platform offers stunning and totally free stock images, with a CC0 license. Every photo is searchable, properly tagged, and quick to find in their discovery area.

7. StockVault

This site is an excellent resource for free stock images, textures and wallpapers. It only has roughly fifty percent as many photos as Unsplash, however new images are added every day and it is curated well. Moreover, Stockvault has categories that are nicely arranged for browsing, and its’ search engine is highly effective.

8. PicJumbo

This is one of the Internet’s biggest websites for copyright free stock images. The majority of its’ funding comes from advertising, however people who want to contribute financially can register for paid membership, for additional photos. Although this might seem like an attractive option, the quantity of free images is sufficient to help anyone locate what they require.

Clearly, there are a decent quantity of great websites for stock images. These resources can be a true godsend for dentists, who want to stand out from the crowd. Now, you don’t need to settle for mediocrity!